What if

  • A mower could remember the pattern for mowing an area and rerun that pattern at any time with simple monitoring.
  • A mower could remember many patterns and those patterns could be shared with other mowers.
  • Multiple mowers could be run at the same time with a single operator.

Autonomous Operations Module

Our Autonomous Operations Module (AOM) Is based on UAV Drone autopilot systems which were originally developed in 2008. The central elements are a very accurate GPS, compass, sonic & laser sensors all connect to the on-board computer. This allows the RC Vehicle to always know where it is, what direction it is going and if there is anything in the way. The AOM also uses Radio Transmitters to communicate with a Ground Control Station (GCS) which is a software app that can run on a computer, laptop, tablet or even your phone.

How it Works

You control the vehicle with the transmitter. You tell it where to go. How fast you want it to go. When to put the mower deck down. All of the things you want to have done in mowing the desired area.

While you are doing this the vehicle is reporting to the GCS. It is relaying all of your instructions with its GPS and Compass data.

IOS/Android Based GCS
Windows based GCS

The Ground control station is saving all of the data from the vehicle. It is also plotting it, with all of the instructions you are sending it from the transmitter. Once you have it recorded, you can save it. You can also modify it to remove the time you had it running a circle around your dog, then save it again.

Once you have it saved the way you want it, you can save it to a Micro SD card. Then you can put the that card directly in the Micro SD slot on the Autopilot so it will alway remember that pattern. With that done, you can tell the vehicle to run the pattern any time you want. Once you get good with the GCS software, you can design your own pattern and controls without having to go through the recording process.

We can add an AOM to almost any Remote Controlled machine. There are several different options that are available in an AOM which include camera(s), the range of the Radio transmitters (up to 25 miles), and a number of different types of sensors etc. We have a few standard configuration AOM, but we will build an AOM to your specifications. We will also install our AOM and configure it to your vehicle.

If this is too complicated for you, We will help you get your patterns loaded so all you have to do is tell it when to run.